Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation makes equity investments and assists businesses in developing financing packages as small as $500. Investments up to $10,000,000 are well within our capability and past experience.

Equity Investments: Kentucky Highlands offers promising, energetic and committed entrepreneurs the chance to start a company with the investment of equity dollars and technical assistance. Existing businesses in an expansion mode are also considered for investment. An agreement details the equity investment, including the amount, a specific buyout or divestiture plan and any special terms. Upon execution of the investment agreement, Kentucky Highlands becomes an active partner to convert dreams to reality. Most important is Kentucky Highland’s commitment to the growth of the business through good and bad times.

Financing Tools: Kentucky Highlands offers a spectrum of debt financing to match the financial needs of each business. Below is a list of debt instruments through which investments are made.

Senior Secured Term Loans: Theses loans are made for the purpose of obtaining real estate, machinery and equipment, and working capital and are secured by a first mortgage or first lien.

Junior Secured Term Loans: These loans are made for the same purpose listed above, but take a subordinated security position.

Current Asset Leveraged Financing: Many businesses sell on account and need help carrying the cost of customers on 30 to 60 day terms. Kentucky Highlands offers financing for accounts receivable and inventory to eligible customers to help them sustain growth.