Joyce is responsible for monitoring lines of credit through periodic evaluations of the companies. She assists with the financial analyses of potential borrowers and new loans for existing borrowers. Joyce manages our internal Credit Risk Rating System for all portfolio companies and prepares monthly financial dashboard reports. She is also responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of our loan processing software, SPARK.

Prior to joining Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation, Joyce was employed as an Accounting Specialist at Greene McCowan, PLLC. During her tenure at GMC, she was the liaison to the company’s largest client where she provided daily customer support, prepared monthly write ups, as well as other vital duties within the firm. Preceding GMC, Joyce worked at KCEOC, where she oversaw the local Workforce Development Center. She collaborated with local community partners to employ adults, dislocated workers, and youth. Joyce also served as a Bookkeeper Specialist and Financial Monitor at EKCEP, where she monitored the financial activity of subcontractors in a twenty-three-county service area.

Joyce earned an Associate Degree in Business Administration with an Accounting emphasis from Somerset Community College. She has numerous certificates in customer service, leadership, and management skills.