Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation (KHIC) has created an innovative training series to help emerging and existing entrepreneurs and housing contractors living in rural counties of Southeastern Kentucky start or expand their businesses.

With support from the U.S. Small Business Administration, KHIC is launching the inaugural “Business Builder Basics” training program.

For no charge, entrepreneurs and small business owners from all industries will learn critical skills necessary to operate in today’s business world. Initial classes focus on core business skills and gradually incorporate more specific topics. For participants interested in learning construction-related business skills, professional contractors will teach additional classes designed with those in mind.

Course Registration (Click Location Below)

Courses will also be available via ZOOM video conference. Please e-mail for videoconference links.

Course Description Below:

General Business and Construction Trades (Together)

  • Introduction to ZOOM & Business Basics: Become familiar with the features and benefits of ZOOM teleconference software; the tool used to stream and record all Business Builder Basic training sessions. Also, learn details of how to begin forming a business. (1 hr 30 min course)
  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel: Excel is a versatile program that can help any business be more efficient. Learn the basics to schedule work, make forms and even build financial models. (2 hr course)
  • Averting a Cash Crisis: Learn the importance of weekly cash budget planning and forecasting. Learn how to negotiate with vendors and lenders. Explore issues regarding taxes and workforce classifications such as 1099 and W2. (1 hr 30 min course)
  • Tracking Profits & Financial Statements as a Management Tool: Discover how to read and prepare a Profit & Loss (P&L) Statement, a financial statement that summarizes the revenues, costs and expenses incurred during a specified period. Important in determining the financial trend of your business. In addition, learn how to read your business’ financial statements to help you spot trends, to avoid costly mistakes and plan for growth. See how P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statements tie together and why they matter. (2 hr course)

General Business Track

  • Gallup Builders Profile 10 (BP 10) & Opportunity Discovery Canvas: Take a self-assessment using a proven program to explore your individual entrepreneurial strengths. Review and analyze results to fill management team gaps or leverage your strengths for success.  Through an interactive lively discussion, learn how to uncover market opportunities and resources to uncover new revenue streams by utilizing the Opportunity Discovery Canvas. (1 hr 45 min Course)
  • Time Management & Soft Skills Training: Learn techniques, tools and habits to help you and your team/crew accomplish more in the same or fewer number of hours. Soft Skills Training will dive into communication basics, using smart phones wisely, keeping appointments, building accountability into your business practices. (1 hr 30 min course)
  • Brand Development: Using social media strategically for customer-centric marketing. Learn to develop and protect your brand while retaining customers. (1 hr 30 min course)

Construction Trades Track

  • Becoming a Housing Development Organization (HDO) Contractor, Cost Effective Energy Efficient Building and Qualifying for Government Contracting: Review HDO business practices and expectations for vendors, electronic tools to use, benefits of working with HDOs, energy efficient building standards, meeting and exceeding mode (how to read code manuals). Also, seasoned construction staff will discuss effective E2 techniques, RESNet, Energy Star and minimum certifications for some trades. Finally, the group will explore the essential aspects of bidding and working on government contracts. (3 hr 30 min course).
  • Effective Project Management: BuilderTrend Software introduction and tutorial – work through construction of one house from start to finish (2 hr course)