Your company need to train employees, but you’re concerned about:

  1. Large gatherings during the pandemic;
  2. Not having enough equipment to conduct hands-on training for everyone; or
  3. Expensive equipment that you don’t want someone who is in training to accidentally break it.

EK Media Group, based in London, can help your company with D) All of the above.

It uses augmented reality and virtual reality to provide 3-D, interactive training for everything from CAT scan repair to commercial cleaning.

Jason Dickerson founded the company after working as a software engineer for SAP and then GE Healthcare.

“I moved back to the area with the goal of bringing tech jobs to Eastern Kentucky so people can go to school, then come back home for good jobs,” he said.

EK Media Group can reverse engineer a product to recreate a prototype for a website and use it for interactive training. It also utilizes gaming technology to create e-learning modules where users can then take a test on what they’ve learned using an app.

The company, which is housed in the Kentucky Highlands Innovation Center, has clients all across the United States.

“In addition to having office space, we get support for our business ideas and guidance,” Dickerson said. “I’m an entrepreneur at heart. I can come up with a great project. Kentucky Highlands helps us map out the business and make connections.”