Kentucky Highlands Innovation Center helps local entrepreneurs and business owners grow, meet and collaborate. What does success look like? How about three tenants needing more space – all in the same year! Inquiry Technologies (InqTech) and moved into bigger space within the center, and Symbiosis Media Group relocated to downtown London.

Inquiry Technologies

InqTech received a grant and were relocating to the area because local schools were participating in its research to create a digital platform for students to show what they know by recording think-out-loud explanations and interactions with content. This digital recording then can be shared with students’ teachers, parents and others, who also can provide feedback. In addition, it helps begin a conversation at home about the importance of STEM careers, which is particularly important in rural communities, where parental influence is a dominant factor in determining a student’s career pathway beyond high school but few parents in those communities work in STEM-related fields.
“This is a really good situation,” said Dr. Scott Stuckey, founder and chief technology officer of the company. “As a start-up company, we found a lot of value in the space, location and other resources.”
The company hired a full-time employee this year and will be expanding again in 2020 as it prepares to market its product. EKCEP and TeleWorks will be its first client as it not only expands to other schools but also targets workforce development. InqTech also is working to adapt its program to deal with substance abuse by helping those in the later stages of recovery with job interview skills as well as serving an outlet for their expression that also allows them to maintain privacy.
“The access to KHIC, Melissa Conn and the other folks were instrumental in making connections to business people, networking and accessing various resources through workshops,” Stuckey said.
Inquiry Technology is located online at

Private Label Lawyer

Suzie Hixon left a high-powered office in San Francisco but brought her global patent attorney practice with her when she returned home to Kentucky in 2013. She was looking for a co-working space in London and found the KHIC Center through an Internet search.
Hixon is proof that technology allows professionals to trade in the rat race and high-cost of big cities without the trade-off of changing careers. She continues to service clients across the country and around the world. Business continues to grow as e-commerce increases and companies have to protect their brand against counterfeit products.
She moved to bigger space in the Center so she can start a podcast and create videos to further expand her reach.
“My family is here. I love the lower cost of living, and people are much more genuine,” Hixon said. “With technology, you can work from almost anywhere. It’s better for your mental health and personal life.”
“You can bring your brain power and spending power home – put your money back in the economy where you grew up.”
You can find more information on Suzi’s company at


Greg Kitzmiller of Symbiosis Media Group was actually the first tenant when he worked for another company in 2011 — before the current KHIC Center building was constructed. He partnered with Jason Hoskins, who had been working in the Center with HP. They created a music studio but then came back with a new business model centered around web development and digital marketing.
Symbiosis has outgrown the space after hiring two more employees to service a diverse set of clients from farm-table foods to e-commerce to home security.
“Kentucky Highlands encouraged us and guided us through the process,” Kitzmiller said. “With the support of seminars on Quick Books and other topics as well as affordable rent, the KHIC Center shelters companies from the harshness of the start-up environment until your business model is working.”
“The community and networking help you grow and learn in a culture and as a group about sales, working on an elevator speech and improving your business model — all with less pressure. A lot of incubators have zero support, but this is a community.”
To connect with Symbiosis Media Group, visit