IMGP0891_1194895980Melissa Conn is an Investment Analyst for Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation. Her responsibilities include business planning and research, financial modeling, budgeting and providing technical assistance to portfolio companies in the area of accounting. Ms. Conn also analyzes new investment opportunities and supports the efforts of the Chief Operating Officer.

Melissa was previously the Administrative Assistant Superintendent of the Prestonsburg City Utilities Commission where she was responsible for financial statement and budget preparation, contract administration, grant applications and administration, water, sewer, and gas rate calculations, and supervision of office staff. She was also a staff accountant at Lester & Tackett PSC in Pikeville, Kentucky where she prepared individual and corporate tax returns and conducted governmental audits, financial statement reviews and compilations. Melissa worked for Databeam Corporation in Lexington Kentucky as Office Manager while completing her accounting degree.

Melissa holds a Masters of Business Administration from Morehead State University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in accounting from the University of Kentucky. She is a Certified Public Accountant for the State of Kentucky. Melissa has a data processing diploma from Mayo State Vocational Technical School and she has attended various work related conferences and continuing education classes. She is a graduate of The Venture Capital Institute sponsored by the National Association of Small Business Investment Corporations (NASBIC).