Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation (KHIC) KHIC focuses its housing efforts in the 6 southern-most counties in its service, and organizes its housing work around 3 core principles: 1) providing stability to families through homeownership and wealth-creation; 2) furthering economic development in KHIC's service area; and 3) fostering sustainability through energy efficient design and construction, which complements KHIC's long-standing work in economic development, job creation and the encouragement of entrepreneurship. All 6 counties are among the 100 poorest in the United States, as measured by median income, and are relatively underserved by affordable housing providers.

KHIC's housing work began in 2003 with a pre-fabricated bath and kitchen unit that could be incorporated into the construction of a home. KHIC then broadened its work in 2008 to include a mutual self-help homeownership program funded by a §523 grant from USDA/Rural Development, whereby KHIC organizes groups of families who work cooperatively to build their own homes. KHIC now operates a number of programs intended to provide high-quality, energy-efficient housing while also supporting businesses in the communities it serves through a value chain of suppliers providing products to the housing sector.

These programs are made possible through partnerships with several community groups and volunteer organizations, and the continual support of financing and development partners such as USDA/Rural Development, HUD, Kentucky Housing Corporation, FAHE and the Housing Assistance Council. With the help of these partners, KHIC completed 24 new homes and 1 moderate rehab of an owner-occupied home in fiscal year 2013, and looks forward to even more success in the future.